DuPont ProAllergen

The DuPont ProAllergen CARE 1300P MERV 12 is a premium performance 4 inch filter. These air cleaner filters are designed to fit Honeywell, Carrier, Bryant and Lennox 4” cabinet systems. The pleated filter media is manufactured to reduce allergens, bacteria, smoke and other small particles.   The filter performance has been enhanced with ingredients built-in to the filter to help reduce more VOCs, trap odors, and prevent the growth of odor causing microbes on the surface of the filter.

ProAllergen Details

  • Superior Allergen Reduction.
  • Electrostatically charged pleated media. 
  • MERV 12 rated filter media.
  • Sturdy two-piece frame.
  • OGuard™ odor reduction technology built-in.
  • Available in 2 sizes: 16”x 25”x 4” (actual size: 15 7/8” x 24 ¾” x 4 3/8”)
     and 20”x 25” x 4” (actual size: 19 7/8” x 24 ¾” x 4 3/8”).
  • Made in USA.

ProAllergen Benefits

  • Manufactured to clean the air of odors and VOC’s as well as allergens.
  • Eliminates up to 96% of large airborne particles.
  • Built in Antimicrobial Product Protection optimizes filter life and prevents the growth of odor causing bacteria on the surface of the filter.
  • Laboratory tested to be more successful in decreasing household odors and VOCs.
  • Made in the USA. Filter lasts up to 6 months.