About Filters Delivered

AC Air Filters

Time & Convenience was built out of respect for home owners & businesses who just want a little more time & convenience in their lives, plus not have to overpay for clean air where they live & work.  I used to always forget to change my air filters, and then when I went to the store I forgot what sizes I needed, it was frustrating. In talking with friends and family, I found that other people shared the same frustration, and so I decided to start a company to make the process easier for everyone. We know Filters are boring, but feeling good personally and the health of our friends & family is an issue most of us care about.

Hassle Free & Inexpensive

We just want to make this necessary chore as hassle free and inexpensive as possible so you can worry about something else like kids game times, what’s for dinner, & plans for the weekend.

Saves You Money

We want to be a good option for you from the over-priced, over-marketed filters at larger box stores that generally are a hassle to purchase. By selling directly to you online, we're able to save on excess and offer your free delivery and convenience while saving you money.

We Care

As an entrepreneur, husband, father of 3 daughters, and home owner, I value companies that have found a way to make life a little simpler so we can focus on things that matter in our lives. I also care about the health of my family and other families, and believe clean air in the work place & homes helps people feel better and live healthier lives. Hopefully filters delivered can add a little convenience to your life. We are not always perfect, but we always make it right!

With Gratitude,