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We Deliver Inexpensive High Quality Air Filters!
The air filters offers aren't simply any type of filter, they are AC & Furnace filters designed to offer reliable great performance and be functional with a wide range of HVAC systems. Our air filters are put through rigorous quality assurance testing to ensure that their resistance, performance, efficiency and particle holding capability are all exceeding the average. These furnace filters are constructed with heavy-duty beverage-board frames using two-piece frame construction to ensure that they last longer and guarantee stability to their owners.


Heavy Duty & Long Lasting Materials

Heavy Duty Beverage Board
Frame 100% Synthetic Media
Media Pack Support Member
Galvanized Steel Pleat Support Grid
Water-Repellent Adhesive
Double wall Frame

The AC filters we offer are designed and manufactured with a consistent pleat shape that keeps particles spread evenly throughout the filter surface, enabling the system to use every available square inch of the air filter before a replacement needs to be made.  This extends the usable life of the filter in the process.


Maximum Dust & Particle Holding Capacity

Heavy Duty Die Cut Beverage Board
Pleated Media Pack


MERV 8 Rated Air Filters Features
Constructed from a hard, die-cut material, the MERV 8 air filter seeks to offer a sturdy and long-lasting alternative at a reasonable cost. The MERV 8 is an AC filter that is built around preserving the quality of the air in an area and seeks to do so utilizing its unique synthetic material makeup to aid in the filtration process.

  • Made from a die-cut, beverage board frame for durability and longevity
  • Made of 100% hydrophobic synthetics
  • Up to 95% average resistance
  • Can be used as a stand-alone filter or a pre-filter with some systems
  • Economical & quality filters in various depths and dimensions.
  • 1, 2, 4, & 5 inch depth air filter sizes available.
  • Our 5 inch air filters are an economical alternative to the air bear filter ®.


MERV 11 Rated Air Filter Features
Our MERV 11 air filter utilizes current technology to increase its efficiency as an HVAC filter and can be used in both home and workplace application. Designed to be able to deal with a large volume of suspended particulate matter effectively, the MERV 11 is the ideal electrostatic air filter of choice for areas that experience a lot of pollen, smoke, dust or mites that can lead to problems with air quality and cause allergies.

  • Super charged and electrostatically enhanced medium to ensure increased filtration
  • Available in 1-inch, 2-inch, 4-inch, and 5-inch depths to fit any type of system
  • Die-cut, beverage board frame for added stability as well as increased longevity
  • Self-supported - no need for a frame as a pre-filter
  • Manufactures with applications in mind as a non-shedding, high efficiency filtration medium, common in work environments that require a low suspended particulate matter count


MERV 13 Rated Air Filter Features
The MERV 13 is an air filter that was built with the focus on superior filtration requirements, green buildings, and providing an environmentally friendly air filter solution to clients. Scientifically designed to be advanced at filtration over other AC filters, the MERV 13 filters offers stability and functionality while at the same time being compatible with LEED certification.

  • Moisture Resistant, beverage board frame to ensure that the system keeps its shape and lasts longer
  • 17.5 pleats per foot to allow for enhanced filtration as well as a more even spread of captured particulate matter
  • Resistant to damage, increasing its longevity
  • May be used in LEED certified / Green Building initiatives
  • Available in 5-inch, 4-inch, 2-inch and 1-inch depths and various furnace filter sizes to fit any type of system
  • We carry superior 5 inch filters as an excellent replacement for the Air Bear filter ®.