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Why Filters Delivered

Breathe Healthy Air in Your Home

Filters Delivered is an air filter service that offers filter subscriptions, single purchases, wholesale bulk prices, or if you just need two filters of different sizes, we do that too.  We just want to make it easy to add convenience to your life and make the air you breathe in your home healthier and less expensive. We’ll save you money, time, and you’ll have cleaner air in your home. Ordering air filters from us is so simple.

 We strive to always provide excellent service, just take a look at our eBay reviews


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Why Filters Delivered?
You've already got your location where you buy your air filters, why on earth would you take the chance with a new company?  There's a lot of ways to answer this question and they all stem from this one: Are you happy with your current air filter purchasing service?  Buying an air filter is a task you can't avoid, but there are ways to make it much simpler and easier in order to get the right sized air filter each time for your HVAC system.  Some people prefer to spend double the money at the large chain stores and have one filter waiting inside their houses for when the old one goes, but there's no guarantee that that filter will be usable when you need it.  With, we offer you the ability to order when you feel like it, at your own pace.  The low cost of AC and furnace filters coupled with our free shipping makes it economical and a pleasure to deal with us.
The 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee!
We believe in offering true customer satisfaction for all of our clients.  We try to give you what you need all the time and although we might not always succeed (we're only human, after all) we take great pains to make it right if we do make a mistake.  We are also dedicated to making life easier with buying online from the convenience, safety and comfort of your own home or business.  We try to ensure that you don't take any risk at all ordering from us.
Are You Satisfied?
If you already have a place that offers to sell you air filters, you should check their prices and compare them to ours.  Are they more cost effective?  Our air filters already have low wholesale pricing with savings of up to 60%, and we provide additional discounts on bulk filter orders.  Do they offer you free delivery? If they mess up your order, will they do everything in their power to make it right?  Will they try to make you feel comfortable when you're buying?  If the place you're getting your filters from doesn’t offer you all of these things, then it's time to check out Filters Delivered and see how a company that puts the customer first operates.




  1. Select the filter size & quality
  2. Select quantity, order, & save
  3. Filters arrive at your door step

*Risk free & satisfaction is guaranteed. You can change or cancel your order at any time. If you order the wrong filter size, or if we messed up, we will fix it and make it right. We offer free shipping on deliveries and returns.



  1. Dealing with traffic
  2. Finding parking at the store
  3. Forgetting your filter size
  4. Waiting in line
  5. Overpaying for your filter
  6. Driving all the way home

Why use

Save Money

Our filters are cheaper than the big box stores. Plus you’ll save time & gas.

Healthy Air

Air filters clean the air in your home. So when they’re changed, they help keep pollen and germs away from the air you breathe. Your family will breathe healthy all year long.

HVAC system

Your HVAC system will run more efficiently with regular filter changes. You’ll use less electricity & have fewer maintenance issues, which mean less repair bills.


One less hassle to remember and worry about! Our goal is simple – We just want to add convenience & health to your life, plus save you time and money.