Why Filters Delivered

Breathe Healthy Air in Your Home

Filters Delivered is an air filter service that offers filter subscriptions, single purchases, wholesale bulk prices, or if you just need two filters of different sizes, we do that too.  We just want to make it easy to add convenience to your life and make the air you breathe in your home healthier and less expensive. We’ll save you money, time, and you’ll have cleaner air in your home. Ordering air filters from us is so simple.

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Shopping at Filters Delivered Makes Life a Little Easier

You can choose from an Air Filter Subscription, Single Purchase, Buy Bulk, or if you just need two different sized filters, you have that option too. We make it easy! Filters Delivered puts having a 100% customer satisfaction policy at the very top of our list of priorities. We're fully aware of how much of a chore it is to buy and replace air filters. Buying filters costs you money and more importantly, takes your time away, especially with driving to the store and then remembering the sizes for your HVAC system. was developed with the intention of making life easier for our customers by giving you exactly what you need without any undue hassle. You'll eventually have to buy AC & Furnace filters; why not go through it the hassle-free way?

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

We believe our customers are our #1 priority and all our business revolves around making the customer happy. We try to make competitive prices go hand in hand with high quality customer service so you always feel as though you're getting the best of all worlds. There is no need to line up and stand on your feet for hours at the big box store, the world already has enough of those stores that force you to wait to get things done. We are dedicated in making life as simple as possible for our customers and in order to do so, we utilize available technology to make buying a new AC air filter simple and easy. Having supply your filter needs helps you get the best air filter for your home or business delivered in a manner that is both cost effective and time efficient.

Free Shipping and Returns

We understand that customer service does not stop when the customer clicks buy, and because of this mindset we offer our clients free shipping and returns. We don't want you to have to pay for a product you’re not satisfied with, and our free returns policy makes it simple so that if you do get an order that was ordered by mistake or damaged during shipping, we can quickly and easily send a replacement or refund. Even if the furnace air filter you ordered is the wrong size for your system, we will replace it as soon as possible with one that will fit. We believe in giving our customers exactly what they ordered inexpensively and quickly, and our business revolves around doing just that.

Save Up To 50% on Big Box Stores

You heard right - we can save you up to half your air filter purchase price over big box stores that claim to offer goods at lower prices. In addition to the money you're saving, we also make it easy for you to get your filters without having to line up and wait inside of a store. Although we know some people enjoy the trip to the store, there are just some times that you would prefer not having to deal with the hassle, and that's why Filters Delivered is here, to give you an option. If you need help figuring out which one is the best solution for you, we're glad to help through email or the phone. Contact us today!

Large Selection of Air Filter Sizes

Not only do we provide superior service and huge savings, but we also offer a variety of AC and Furnace filters sizes for almost all HVAC systems. Most box stores have a limited selection of air filters, but with us, you can shop online for the specific MERV performance ratings and dimensions of the electrostatic air filter you need, and have them delivered to you fast. Plus if you’re looking for a replacement to your Air Bear filter ®, we carry economical and high quality 5 inch filters which will save you money without sacrificing performance.




  1. Select the filter size & quality
  2. Select quantity, order, & save
  3. Filters arrive at your door step

*Risk free & satisfaction is guaranteed. You can change or cancel your order at any time. If you order the wrong filter size, or if we messed up, we will fix it and make it right. We offer free shipping on deliveries and returns.



  1. Dealing with traffic
  2. Finding parking at the store
  3. Forgetting your filter size
  4. Waiting in line
  5. Overpaying for your filter
  6. Driving all the way home

Why use

Save Money

Our filters are cheaper than the big box stores. Plus you’ll save time & gas.

Healthy Air

Air filters clean the air in your home. So when they’re changed, they help keep pollen and germs away from the air you breathe. Your family will breathe healthy all year long.

HVAC system

Your HVAC system will run more efficiently with regular filter changes. You’ll use less electricity & have fewer maintenance issues, which mean less repair bills.


One less hassle to remember and worry about! Our goal is simple – We just want to add convenience & health to your life, plus save you time and money.