Always Buy The Best Air Filters For Home: Our Air Bear Filter Replacements Are Awesome

Aug 15th 2016

Always Buy The Best Air Filters For Home: Our Air Bear Filter Replacements Are Awesome Filters

Finding The Right Air Filter For You
Which air filter is right for your home?
Having the best air filter for home such as our replacement 5 inch Air Bear filters, allows the residents to breathe clean air, and it also prevents the HVAC system from breaking down and needing repair work. When air is moved through a home and heated or cooled, bacteria and debris are blocked from entering your home by the filter. These bacteria and debris can build up over time, which will cause them to become trapped in the filter and potentially cause a problem. The air people breathe in every day is extremely important, because it can cause lung and health problems that nobody wants to deal with. Even though most types of bacteria have no smell, it’s surely getting inside a home that has a dirty filter. The long-term health effects of breathing in bacteria can be severe.

Where is My System Located?
The place where the filter in your home is located is likely within a closet or basement. The mechanical system is a large one and will likely be making noise, and you will also see a place where the filter can easily be removed. Sometimes, though, the system is in the wall or the ceiling, but it can still be accessed and changed. 1-inch filters are more commonly found in the ceiling or walls. If you can’t find the system in your home, then turn on the fan and listen to where the main source of noise is coming from.

The majority of filters used in residential homes are 1-inch filters, but if yours is not, then it means you have a media filter. This is a type of filter that’s a bit thicker than normal (about 4-5 inches in thickness), and is considered an entire home filter. It can be found in a closet or cabinet.

What Filter Size Should I Buy?
It’s important that you buy a filter for your system that is going to fit properly. On the frame of your existing filter, you will find the size of your specific one. You will also find the brand and serial number of the filter on it, which are important pieces of information you should write down when looking to buy a new one. If you can’t find the size of your filter listed on it, then you can also use a tape measure to get the exact dimensions of it.
Filter sizes are usually listed in width x height x depth. To give you an idea of what the number will look like, use 16 x 24 x 1 as an example. The width of such a filter would be 16 inches, the height would be 24 inches, and the depth of it would be 1 inch. Always keep in mind that in order to get the best air filter for your home you must get the right filter size.

What is MERV and MPR?
The MERV rating of a filter is there to determine how many particles of dust and debris it will capture before air gets into your home. If a filter has a MERV rating of 6, it means that about half of the harmful particles in your air system will be trapped in the filter. A filter with a MERV rating of 8 will stop around 75% of the harmful particles from getting into your home. A filter that has a rating of 11 or higher is said to stop around 90% of the particles from getting into your home’s air. Basically, the higher MERV rating of a filter, the more particles it will trap. However, it’s important to mention that a higher MERV rating filter is not always best for your home. If you get a filter that is too dense, then it could block proper air circulation throughout your home. It could also cause your AC system to run more often, since it’s trying to push air through a dense filter.

How Do I Install My Air Filter?
Before you try to install your new filter, it’s crucial that you turn off the fan of your AC system. Dust particles can get trapped in the HVAC system if you do not. When taking out the old filter, make sure to look at it and see how it appears. It should look dirty and used; if it does not, then double check to make sure that you have the right filter and that it was installed correctly. The frame of the filter should fit into your system firmly and snugly, and there are normally arrows on the filter indicating which side should be installed upwards. The part of your filter that faces the AC system should be the downstream side, as most filters are only able to be installed a certain way.
Always get the best air filter for home and breath healthy. You should consider our replacement Air Bear filters.

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