Knowing Your Furnace Filter Sizes When Changing Your AC Air Filter

Aug 17th 2016

Knowing Your Furnace Filter Sizes When Changing Your AC Air Filter

Will Changing My Air Filter Regularly Save Me Money?
Saving money by changing your air filters on a regular basis.

Furnace Filter Sizes

The short answer to this question is yes; changing your air filters on a regular basis will allow you to save more money. Some people may be wondering why they need to change their filters so much, especially when they cost $10-25 each. An HVAC professional is going to recommend residential homeowners to change their filters at least 4 times per year, which can be anywhere from $40-80 annually on filtering expenses.

Most people budget their money accordingly, so this fee is not something to be taken lightly in most cases. However, they have the advantage to decide what exactly to buy, as there are varieties of furnace filter sizes which come at different costs.

Changing a dirty filter in your home with a clean one can save up to 15% in energy costs, according to the Department of Energy. Considering this with the fact that AC usage is responsible for at least 50% of a monthly electricity bill, people can be saving around 7.5% each month by changing their AC air filter regularly.

Those who have an average power bill of $100 can save about $7.50 each month by changing their filter on a regular basis. Over the course of three months, that’s over $20 in savings, which is substantial in most people’s eyes. Cutting costs is important for those who want to be frugal.

For those who have a power bill of $200 every month, changing a dirty filter regularly can be up to a $45 savings each month.

You might be wondering if it’s really worth it after hearing all of this, and the answer is yes. Saving money and improving the air quality in your home are both dramatically beneficial for your wallet and your health. In addition to saving money and breathing better air, changing your filters can help you save money in other ways as well.

If you are concerned about your HVAC system breaking down prematurely, then you need to be changing your filters as often as recommended. A system with a fresh filter is much less likely to break down. A dirty AC air filter is going to cause your AC unit to work overtime to push cool air into the house, which is going to cost you more money each month. In addition to being more expensive, the strain on your AC system can also wear it down sooner than it should; and a dirty AC air filter can easily lead to unwanted repair costs.

Though there are different furnace filter sizes, one that has to work overtime is much more likely to break, as opposed to one that is able to work cleanly and efficiently. As you are surely aware, repairing your HVAC system can be expensive, and that’s not even considering a total replacement. People spend an average of $300-700 when they are having their HVAC system repaired, and this is just a fraction of the cost that an entirely new unit would be. That can hurt the wallet quite a bit.

Even if you aren’t too concerned with the air quality in your home, changing your filters can prevent the need for spending money on unnecessary repairs.

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