Starting the Year Off Right: Change doesn’t have to be confined to New Year’s Resolutions

Starting the Year Off Right: Change doesn’t have to be confined to New Year’s Resolutions

Posted by Caty on Feb 11th 2020

2020 isn’t just the start of a new year - it’s a whole new decade! It’s our time for fresh starts, new resolutions, and different directions. At this point in the year though, you’re either powering through those new habits, or you’ve fallen back into old ways. Maybe you were too ambitious. Or maybe you were being a bit too hard on yourself. But don’t be! New Year’s Resolutions may be symbolic and traditional, but the best time to start something new is always, well, now! Why not try making some changes to your home, and take the pressure of yourself a bit? These suggestions aren’t things that need to be done every day, just some things you could do a few times a year to keep yourself feeling fresh.

Clean Deep!

Now is a great time to do a deep cleanse of your home. The start of the year is often full of cleaning. You might still have some holiday debris lying around, lights to take down, gifts to find new homes for - maybe even an unfinished improvement project you started enthusiastically the first week of the year that’s since lost steam! Take a look at what you’ve been putting off - once you get started, that momentum helps you just keep going. Take it room by room, starting with the ones you spend the most time in. Dust, vacuum, rinse and repeat until your home looks shiny and new.

Purge and Donate!

As you clean, you’ll probably find some things you don’t need. While it can seem overwhelming, purging those things you never use can be great for creating space for new things in your life. Be thorough - if you didn’t use it at all last year, there’s a good chance you don’t need it! Be methodical in this process. If you start by just piling things up, you might run out of energy before the pile is sorted through. Think of it as you did going room by room, and take it one space at a time. It doesn’t have to be done in a day, it just needs to get done! After you’ve decided what to purge, make two more piles. Pile one should be for items that can find a second home, especially those that can make a difference for a family in need. Plan to donate these items, so they can find new life in a new home. Pile two should be for items that aren’t just useless to you, but useless to everyone. Plan to recycle this if possible, or simply toss it if not.

Build Good Habits!

The little things can really add up. Consider adding fresh flowers and plants to high traffic areas of your home. They can really spruce the place up, lift your mood, and even help keep the air you breathe clean and healthy. Get in the habit of taking your shoes off at the door (especially in warmer climates - it should be a given that snow boots don’t need to track through the house!) This can add longevity to your flooring, and make your vacuum and sweeping chores that much easier. Remember to replace air filters in your home - air and water - to keep things fresh and clean. And hey, maybe this will be the year you make your bed every morning, so you can start your day with a sense of pride and accomplishment!

Plan to Keep Going This Year and Next!

None of these suggestions are things that must be done daily, or even monthly. They’re simply important to remember a few times a year. So sit down and make a plan, so you can be sure you’ll come back to them again. It may be a good idea to plan which room you’ll clean which month, and make a schedule for the rooms (like bathrooms) and tasks (like air filters) that need to be done more regularly. This way you can spread your work over time, rather than being hit with a huge amount next holiday season. Take some time now, while last year is fresh in your mind and the pressure to start this year off right has lessened a bit, and think about how you want to tackle the coming year. Jotting down a few notes now can certainly save you some trouble in the future!