Why Use an Air Filter Subscription?

Why Use an Air Filter Subscription?

Posted by CK on Feb 2nd 2021

We offer filter single purchases, wholesale bulk prices, or if you just need two filters of different sizes, we do that too. A customer favorite is our subscription services that make purchasing your air-filters a no hassle process. Do you remember the last time you changed your air filter? Do you remember the same time each 60-90 days? An air-filter subscription service for your HVAC system can help you manage changing the air filters in your home on time. But is an air filter subscription worth it? Here are our thoughts;

Always Have The Right Size

When you first start your air filter subscription you will need to know the size of the filters you need. Air Filter measurements can usually be found printed on the filter itself. However, if you do not see the size you will need to measure the length, width, and depth to determine the size. Once you have your size figured out, lock it in to your subscription and never have to measure again!

On Time Filter Replacement

Depending on the size of your home and whether or not you have pets, you will typically want to replace your filters every 60-90 days. If you have family members that suffer from allergies, replacement can be every 30 days to ensure the cleanest air in your home. To stay on track of these schedules, a subscription service allows for your air filters to show up on time ready for replacement. No remembering required!


As with most subscription services, cost savings can be a big perk to use a subscription service instead of purchasing individually. We can save you up to half your air filter purchase price over big box stores that claim to offer goods at lower prices. In addition to the money you're saving, we also make it easy for you to get your filters without having to line up and wait inside of a store. Not only do we provide superior service and huge savings, but we also offer a variety of AC and Furnace filters sizes for almost all HVAC systems. Most box stores have a limited selection of air filters, but with us, you can shop online for the specific MERV performance ratings and dimensions of the electrostatic air filter you need and have them delivered to you fast.