​The Pros and Cons of Subscription Services

​The Pros and Cons of Subscription Services

Posted by Caty on Nov 26th 2019

As you may have noticed, subscription services have gained massive popularity recently. Subscriptions started with online services like Netflix, but retailers everywhere have picked them up, offering services and products on a subscription basis, adding discounts and specials to subscribers. Need a new wardrobe? They’ve got you covered. Some make-up to go with your new look? No problem! New razors and bath products? There are so many options to fit your needs. Want to spoil your pet? We’ve got food subscriptions, medication subscriptions, and treat subscription galore. Hate grocery shopping and meal planning? Never step foot in a grocery store again. Clearly, we love subscriptions, but why? Are they really worth it? Let’s take a look!

There are many, many reasons to sign up for subscription services - coupons and savings tend to lure folks in, and who doesn’t love to get mail? Some services, like make-up boxes or nerd kits, give you the chance to try things you normally might not. Some services even offer special products that you can’t get anywhere else. But why do most people stick around? Usually, it’s the convenience.

There are so many things in life that we buy over and over again as products run out - razors, vitamins, toilet paper, air filters - but remembering to replace them in a timely manner can be hard. How much does it suck to get home from the grocery store, only to realize you forgot the toilet paper? Subscription services keep track of these things for us, so we don’t have to think so much about them. This convenience is a huge factor in what makes subscriptions worth it. Air filters, for instance! Do you really remember to change them every three months? Or pet medication - it’s easy to miss that note on the calendar. These regular, but relatively rare chores certainly get easier when the tools you need to complete them show up on your doorstep.

The services that send you the things you need as you need them tend to be much more helpful than those that cause clutter. I mean, do you really need 3 new lip colors a month, or a year's worth of Pop! Figurines? It can certainly be easy to be lured into a subscription service, and sometimes they can be great for building a collection of things or giving you plenty of new options. The key is knowing whether they’re worth is in the long term, and knowing when to quit. What’s the point in those 3 lip colors a month if you haven’t had the chance to rock the three you got last month? We talk a lot about saving money around here, which is another big factor. The initial discounts are exciting, but they do end at a certain point. If you’re spending money on things you don’t need and aren’t using, is that momentary excitement of opening a package really worth it? Don’t be afraid to cancel a subscription that just isn’t working out for you anymore. Who knows? Maybe the company will send you a discount code to get you back!

But seriously, know the subscription’s worth, and keep the ones that are actually improving your life around. Fresh food, fresh razors, and fresh air - these things never go out of style. Interested in the air filter subscription? Check out our online store to get started!